Georgia Potter

Words Words Words

28 June 2010 / No Comments / Leave a Comment

Words Words Words.
you fill me up to the eyeballs with insanity yet hide in my blood when I need you most.
you explode out my ears, you are deafening and deliberate.
yet you are nowhere to be found.
Words fucking Words.
fucking Words Words.
Oh the melodies you have abandoned this past month!
The paper you have ignored, the pens you have left ink-filled.
I vomit you past my tongue, across my teeth but always at the point of spitting you out, you make me swallow!
Don’t you know that if you are unspoken you have no importance?
Don’t you see that if you are unsung then I have no use for you?
That if you remain unwritten and unread you are but a mere thought…? Do you really want to remain a fucking thought??

I want for nothing more than to announce you, in all your gory poetic glory.
My motives are good and true, my love for you is all encompassing.
Words Words Words Words Words
Birds Birds Birds Birds Birds
Herds Herds Herds Herds Herds
Hers Hers Hers Hers Hers
Furs Furs Furs Furs Furs
Nurse Nurse Nurse Nurse Nurse
Worse Worse Worse Worse Worse…

Yes this is good. Let’s keep going…

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