Georgia Potter

Life fog.

6 April 2010 / No Comments / Leave a Comment

Again I embark on a sudden but oh-so-familiar phase of sleepless nights and sleep-filled days. Yet daze I do not, it is this rhythm that excites me, that ignites me. Pity it sits against the norm and makes rising ‘at a reasonable time’ nothing short of brutal.
Tonight, I look closely at the little life I have created. A lucky life.
But it is not enough. I will not be happy drifting here like this for much longer. I am already unnerved.
Clarity has had a hot, long shower and has fogged up all her mirrors and reflections.
My past methods are no longer providing the desired outcomes, nor satisfying my innate pro-activeness. I feel I have looked upon it all too shallowly. So I aim to look again and upon this further looking, I find myself reflected in the fog. Smudgy & confused but it is a start.

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