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Episode 2: Egypt

11 May 2011 / 3 Comments / Leave a Comment

What to say about Egypt…?  Mysterious, ancient, messy, random, beautiful, sparkly Egypt… Last episode finished off at night 1 of the 4 night cruise down The Nile.  The cruise ships really are the easiest and most cost effective way to explore the most famous parts of Upper Egypt (which is southern Egypt, but that’s the direction The Nile flows from and is thus considered ‘up.’) … Read more »

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World of Curls

11 May 2011 / 1 Comment / Leave a Comment

It is no secret that I love you and your world of curls. Black, glossy and rangy – they fall across us as we move together. And though I am a world away, I hold them in my mind as I once held you. But the space you filled is empty, a void as black as all those curls. But still I hold it vacant… Read more »

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Episode 1: Turkey

9 April 2011 / 1 Comment / Leave a Comment

Thought I would write about Turkey before Egypt gets under my skin and I start forgetting the prettiness that filled my world for those 8 days. Turkey was exactly how it had been described to me, which is the opposite of how you would imagine it if you didn’t know better. It is super relaxed, extremely clean, safe, friendly, organised and inexplicably pretty. I spent… Read more »

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dig. ing. this.

26 March 2011 / Leave a Comment

tunes I’m diggin right now…   Georgia Anne Muldrow – Run Way   Frank Ocean – Swim Good (he’s writing for Beyonce’s new album)   Tyler The Creator – Yonkers and in general is floating my boat…   plus James Blake’s cover of Feist’s Limit To Your Love  

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Melbourne show this week!

14 February 2011 / Leave a Comment

Melbourne you are lucky last. The city that is not my home but has my heart, beautiful Melbourne is the location for my last Australian show before I head overseas. This Saturday February 19, a stellar all-Brisbane lineup will hit Melbourne’s most exciting new venue, Revolt. The night is a celebration of Tin Can Radio’s latest single release, and features support sets by yours truly… Read more »

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Last Qld Show + Melbourne Show announced

4 February 2011 / Leave a Comment

One week away: last qld show. Melbourne show announced. I promise I’m not going to start doing a John Farnham. I reallly am going overseas and won’t be performing in Australia for a significant time. BUT how could I say no when the opportunity came up to play an additional show in Melbourne before my departure! Details below (keep scrolling Melbourne.) Remember, heaps of words… Read more »

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