Georgia Potter


With a voice twice the size of that which her little stature implies, Georgia takes to the stage with a candid grandeur that is as bewitching as her music. Enter her lyrical world, the foundry of her word-smithery, full of silver & salt, where the balance between the gritty & the glossy is always on a knife’s edge. She is a siren with the timbre of a jazz chanteuse, the sass of a soul madam, the bite of rock vixen & the sincerity of a poet. Her voice is unforgettable and addictive. Plus she can rap like it ain’t no thang. She is enigmatic – a desert rose. She is a Gustav Klimt painting hung beside a hurried sketch. She is clean white lace and studded black leather. She is Venus versus Delilah. If you are the cautious type she will do nothing for you, but render yourself reckless and her beautiful mess will reward. Georgia will always surprise you.

Tied together with a charm that is uniquely her own, Georgia’s music is a moody mix of deep rock, dark neo-soul and psychedelic yet crafted songwriting that occasionally echoes the likes of Karen O, Janis Joplin, Bertie Blackman or Florence & the Machine… with the addition of a solid backbeat. Her muse is humanity and in its endearingly revolting complexity, she finds deep fascination.

Georgia’s two recorded releases, an EP titled Living the Grey and a live album Live at the Troubadour were released in 2009 and had strong support from Triple J, ABC and community radio stations across the country. She was chosen as a Triple J ‘Next Crop’ artist for Australian Music Month in November 2009 and works from both releases have been selected for numerous synchronisation opportunities including Quicksilver Pro France & Rip Curl Pro Portugal footage and various compilation CDs including the Midem Music Conference 2011 Valleyarm Sampler. Georgia is already recording new material for her debut studio album with plans to continue recording in London, Edinburgh, Paris and Berlin. Her performances have been filling tents at summer festivals up the down the East Coast of Australia including the Woodford Folk Festival and Peats Ridge Festival. She has opened for internationally renowned artists such as Lior and Vusi Mahlasela at some of the country’s premier venues. She also tours the country as a backing vocalist with West End’s favourite croon punks, Laneous & the Family-Yah who have just followed up their highly acclaimed debut album St Ill Regal with their sophomore album Found Things.

However Georgia’s story is not limited to the stage. No longer the darling of Brisbane’s folk scene, Georgia has not only travelled miles musically, but is relocating to Europe and the UK in March 2011 to pursue opportunities abroad. She was born 22 years ago in Aurukun, a remote Aboriginal community in Cape York Peninsula and remains connected to the people of Cape York in her role with the Queensland Government as an advocate for young Indigenous people in boarding schools. She has a labyrinth of talents – she is a producer & engineer, a visual artist and a designer, an actress and an activist. She plays the piano & the guitar, but chooses just to rock the microphone when the band comes together. As a child she learnt the cello and tap dancing and though she now sucks at both, she is still first and last on any dance floor. She collects antiques, polka-dotted paraphernalia and finds solace in the world’s art galleries.